Lighting The Way | Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Lighting The Way | Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

A number of finishing touches can help make a significant difference to your kitchen design and help create the wow factor. Kitchen lighting can play a major role, not only helping to create a great atmosphere, but also improving the functionality of the kitchen. It is certainly worth developing a lighting plan alongside the general layout for the kitchen. Options to be considered generally fall into three main areas.


Best positioned under the wall units, the aim is to direct an even spread of light to illuminate the whole work surface without creating any shadow. This option can also prove effective as mood lighting after all the preparation is done and you are sitting enjoying the fruits of your efforts.


Gone are the days when we had to rely on a single centre light, often unattractive, and always in the wrong place. The advantage of planning a lighting scheme alongside the design for the kitchen is that we can include a variety of light sources which could include recessed ceiling fittings, track lighting or pendant lights, which always work really well when sited over an island and can provide an eye-catching feature in themselves.


This is where we can really be adventurous and add more atmosphere. This could include soft lighting in the glazed cabinets, indirect lighting to wash a wall or highlight a favourite piece of art work.
The range of products available has been extended and developed in recent years and now includes low wattage LED lighting, helping to keep energy costs down, and a vast range of track and pendant lights that can also utilize low energy lamps. Control and flexibility are key to a successful kitchen lighting scheme; we are always searching for new and innovative products that will enhance your kitchen and provide many years of pleasure.

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