Kitchen Design | The Affordable Alternative

Kitchen Design | The Affordable Alternative

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Although I have been involved with the kitchen industry for over 35 years, I was rather surprised by some of the costs quoted in a recent leading Sunday newspaper feature on bespoke kitchens.

A customer seeking a hand built kitchen may be misled into thinking that unless they have a budget in excess of £50,000 a bespoke kitchen is beyond their means.

Of course for any given budget you can spend significant amounts of money, but our approach has always been to offer guidance and advice that will enable the client to make informed choices, and achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Cabinets

A major consideration would be the type of cabinet. Although very desirable, fully framed units can be substituted by a less expensive “on carcass” version with a saving of around 30%. Both options can include a number of different door styles to help personalise the design.

Kitchen Work Surfaces

The next major cost can be the work surface. The popular choice today is usually granite or a composite from companies such as Caesarstone, but less expensive alternatives are available which will perform equally well. In addition, appliances are available to suit every budget.

Kitchen Design Budget

With such a broad range of products on the market, a complete kitchen from Andrew Nichols Interiors can start from as little as £9000.00

With careful planning and sensible advice, we can provide you with a kitchen that will enhance your cooking pleasure for many years to come.

Contact us today for a no obligation design and quotation.

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