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Smart Technology Kitchens

Although audio visual products such as drop down TVs and other audio systems such as Sonos have been around for a few years, the demand for smart kitchen appliances we can connect into our wi-fi system and operate from our smartphones has seen significant growth over the year. This has been partly fuelled by higher and more reliable broadband speeds, which are now more commonly available,together with a number of appliance manufacturers embracing new technologies.

Whirlpool’s senior brand manager commented “Already the consumer can set mood lighting to welcome them home after a long day. They can switch on their heating remotely from the office, so when they get in, the house is already warm and cosy. They can also set the TV to record their favourite programme when the train is late or cancelled ”

British Gas has been enjoying some success with its smart meters and research has indicated that a large number of consumers would consider installing these systems that allow better and more accurate control with the possibility of saving money.

One could argue that being able to turn on your kettle by using an app on your phone may seem a little over the top but the technology employed will certainly lead to more imaginative uses. Major manufacturers such as Bosch and Siemens are already able to supply wi-fi enabled appliances which put consumers in full control of their kitchen. DR Kitchens appliances will be producing hobs and extractor systems that will connect together in order to help control air quality, a genuine benefit to the consumer.

Smart technologies have dramatically changed how we live and work; it will be interesting to see what further impact “The Internet of Things” will have on our daily lives.

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