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Streamlined and Accessible Kitchen Storage Solutions

With the trend towards smaller homes,and in particular new builds, the requirement for streamlined and accessible storage has become a high priority. We have certainly moved on from the days when storage in the kitchen consisted of nothing more than rows of uninspiring cabinets, with the contents often difficult to see or access.

The approach to storage solutions generally falls into two areas. Making the maximum use of the space, and optimising the access to that space, but they don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Kitchen Cabinets With Internal Shelves

Take, for example, a standard 1000mm corner cabinet complete with internal shelf. The maximum use of the space would be achieved by just using the cabinet as delivered. However, trying to retrieve a pot or pan right from the back may mean first removing half the contents. Very frustrating. A common solution would be to install a Magic Corner mechanism. This enables easy and clear access to all those pots and pans, and helps keep order in a difficult corner. The downside is you won’t achieve the same amount of storage.

Another example is the use of internal drawers, or choosing from the wide range of pull out wire work systems which now include tall silo systems that can be fitted to almost any cabinet size.

One of our favourite options is to include some form of larder unit in the design. These cabinets can range in size from 500mm up to 1200mm with the added advantage that we can keep the cabinet depth shallow making everything easy to see. Add some door racks for all those spices and you have an efficient storage solution.

Whilst talking about internal cabinet features, we should not overlook the inclusion of a re-cycling facility. The last thing you want to see in your new kitchen is the rubbish bin, and the pressure on all of us to re-cycle as much as possible makes waste management much easier.

In order to produce a successful design that will provide many years of pleasure, these considerations should certainly be a major part of the design brief.

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